Zulaykha in Rouhi Midnight


Relive the moments in our new printed collection, Zulaykha, with elements inspired by the story of a beautiful lady, women of power, who fell in love with Yusuf (AS).

Sets in ancient egypt, the story of Yusuf(AS) & Zulaikha is an amazing tale of attempted seduction. Yet with faith & 'iman' as strong as a mountain, all Zulaikha efforts towards Yusuf (AS) was deemed fruitless, as he did not inclined to her desire. Heartbroken and restless, Zulaikha go as far as sending him to prison, yet still care for him, as her feeling grows day by day.  Not mentioned in Quran, it is said that Zulaikha finally became a firm believer and her love for Allah surpasses the love for Yusof (AS), in which she's finally accepted as a bride for him. Although this later part of story only mention by the people of the book,(which we're commanded not to believe yet disbelieved either), but lessons can be taken that... Zulaikha follows the normal path of a sinner, went to high and lows, but in the end, was beautifully rewarded in true path.

Material : Premium Cotton Voile 
Size : 46" x 46" approx. 
Packaging: Zulaykha pouch bag (while stocks last)


*Exclusive Pouch Bag  will only be available while stock last.

*Color slightly different from the actual item due to lighting during photoshoot and screen monitor. Due to the natural condition of the material, scarves may not be 100% perfectly square.