Reverie in Midnight Shawl


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A pleasant daydream, a reverie. A state when ideas float in our mind, without reflection or regard of the understanding, then craft it in tapestry style art, onto our new scarf collection, hence our new printed, the Reverie.

A unique pattern derived from a combination of fabric stitching, and 'Mandala', a fine spiral-like pattern to create geometrical swatch, our new collection was design to create a reverie experience to its wearer, while feeling dreamily beautiful at same time, all in 5 beautiful colour and 2 styles to choose from.

Material: Premium Crepe Chiffon

Size : 1.9m x 0.7m approx

Packaging: Exclusive Pouch Bag (while stocks last)

Stitching : Baby Seam


*Exclusive Pouch Bag  will only be available while stock last.

*Color slightly different from the actual item due to lighting during photoshoot and screen monitor. Due to the natural condition of the material, scarves may not be 100% perfectly square.