Everafter in Chateau Mint



Once upon a time.. there lived a poor girl far away in the outskirts of the country. One night, charmed by spells & magic, the now enchanted girl arrived at the castle with her magical pumpkin, only to become a sensation among people & royalty. Dancing magnificently along the tiles, surrounded by beautiful roses & garden, the girl smiled jubilantly as bewitched eyes continue to follow her alchemy..

Will her blissful moment falter? Or will it continue in another chapter? Come and join her in this colourful moment, be it in Dark, Magenta, Mint or even Rose, and make her story end.. in happily Ever After.


  • Material: Premium Cotton Voile
  • Measurements : 46"x46" approx.
  • Stiching : Baby Hem.
  • Label : Woven Label tag
  • Packaging : Exclusive Ever After Box

*Due to lighting during photoshoot and screen monitor, color may slightly different from the actual product. Scarves may not be 100% perfectly square due to the natural condition of the material.