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No tale is complete without a Love story. A story that takes you on a roller-coaster ride, emotions that runs high, fireworks bursting inside, the blaze of feelings that struck like trail of rainbow within, a colorful memory that you yearn to cherish as years goes by.

Inspired by this colorful vehemence to celebrate this Women's day, in conjunction with Safi Shayla, our Love Collection is designed to express all those feeling thru the jubilant colors and dazzling Love pattern, printed onto the soft and silky satin texture, while still maintaining the comfortness and easiness to wear. Share those emotions with the one you Cherish, someone you Adore and Admire, or maybe your Soulmate, Sweetie or Crush, or even something you Passionate about on this Women's day!

Material : Matte Satin Silk
Size : 45"x 45" 
Packaging : The Love Box
Stitching : Baby Hem

Free sample of Safi Shayla with every purchase of Love Collection.

*Color may be slightly different from the actual item due to lighting during photoshoot and screen monitor.